California is known for many things: the beaches, entertainment, amusement parks, and national landmarks among them. But did you know that California is also known for its food? In fact, the state produces more than 200 types of crops and “leads all of the other states in farm income.” This is all to say that the farmers market in Santa Ana and surrounding cities is worth checking out! Be sure to pick up these summer foods at the farmers market:


Did you know that California grows 90-percent or more of the nation’s artichokes, kiwis, plums, celery, and garlic? Additionally, there are plenty of other produce items that California is a majority producer of. That being the case, there’s obviously no shortage of quality fruits, veggies, and herbs to be found at our nearby farmers markets! Explore all of the unique offerings of summer produce at the farmers market while enjoying the delicious and healthful benefits that will come from eating it!

Dried Fruit and Nuts

California is also a major producer of fruit and nuts, yielding two-thirds of our country’s supply! So, of course, you’re going to have some great options when it comes to dried fruit and nuts at the farmers market. Pick up the combo for a sweet and high-protein snack as you browse the stalls. Dried fruit and nuts also make for great gifts for friends and neighbors. (Friendship Day is coming up on July 30th, after all!)

Baked Goods

Fruit pies, cinnamon rolls, pretzels, bagels, cookies, cupcakes, and brownies are just some of the baked foods you’ll likely see at the local farmers market! There’s something just so quaint and “summery” about indulging in some home-baked treats at the farmers market. In our opinion, bonus points should be awarded if the baked treats include locally grown fruit, veggies, or herbs in the mix! Enjoy!

Condiments, Sauces, and Canned Goods 

Farmers markets really emphasize the fresh factor! But don’t forget that the fresh taste can be preserved for year-round summer flavor in the form of condiments, sauces, and other canned goods! Enjoy exploring the unique spin the vendors may bring to classic salsas, jams, pasta sauces, or pickles, to name a few! Another great thing about these items is that their extended shelf life makes them perfect gifts for locals and out-of-towners alike!

California summers produce more than fun and entertainment; they also grow plenty of delicious food to enjoy! So go ahead; explore summer foods at the farmers market! Whether you go to the nearby market in Downtown Santa Ana Farmers Market, head to the Huntington Beach Farmers Market, or stop at any number of farmers markets in between, you’ll be sure to find these delicious foods that scream summer!