Ready for some fun at the beach? Who isn’t? But before you venture out to any of California’s gorgeous beaches, remember that this is a unique season. Check this list, which is updated regularly, to find which beaches are open. Also, keep social distance a priority. These days, it just has to be done. Here are three things you have to make sure to avoid at the beach this summer:

Close Contact Beach Sports

If you’re used to playing frisbee, volleyball, football, or other beach-going sports that require close contact with others, you could reconsider—unless you live within the same house, that is. We are still learning more about the transmission of COVID-19, so it is safest to avoid these large group sports. Instead, engage in beach games that don’t require direct contact, such as surfing, walking, or swimming. There’s still a lot you can do to enjoy the beach while also helping to slow the spread of COVID.

Sharing Your Food

Bringing food to share at the beach, like a bag of trail mix or potato chips, is usually part of the fun! With COVID-19 in the mix, you may want to slow down on this for a while, as germs can spread quickly by mouth. That’s not to say you can’t still bring your food to share. Just do a little preparation ahead of time and have portions ready for each individual you’re going to the beach with. And make sure they’re wrapped. If you need ideas for the best foods to bring to a beach, check this out.

Places with Lots of People 

Our California beaches are amazing, wonderful, and relaxing places enjoyed by lots of people. This means that things can sometimes become overcrowded, especially at the more well-known beaches, such as Santa Ana. Current guidelines tell you to stay six feet apart at least, so go during a less busy time of day, or consider visiting one of California’s lesser-known beaches.

Even though this unique summer is different than any summer before, we can still have a good time soaking up California’s beautiful weather and beach air. By avoiding beach sports, crowds, and food-sharing, you can do your part to promote good health within your family and in California!